2nd Zucc of /rel/


Well, Looks like the hitler posting triggered a 2nd zuccening. Barely half a year had passed. Meanwhile zuck is out there fellating everyone about how tolerant and user-friendly he is.

/rel/ is not deleted. It’s “under reivew”. Basically some random pajeet gets to decide if /rel/ stays or goes. I will do my best to bring /rel/ back, but that will take days. I am writing a script that deletes every post in the group. But I have thousands of posts to cull. Considering /rel/ averages around 200 posts daily.

Meanwhile you’re welcome to use the forum, and I would greatly appreciate if we could finally get this thing off the ground. The forum’s been sitting empty for a long time now and we really need to get off facebook, because apart from them deleting anything that they dont like, they’re also stealing your data and they’re dodging laws to do it. So, this might be a blessing in disguise.





Make this the new rel, less retards coming in this way


Yeah but, too bad that forums are slowly dying. People just aren’t used to forums any more. Maybe not even imageboards. Facebook is so much easier for group discussion.

Still, I hope they don’t permanently delete /rel/ and also that this Forum kicks off and gets high activity.


I would like to know which fuck reported it.


hello I hate Jews


I don’t mind carrying on the /rel/ torch on facebook, but we cannot and will not have peace on facebook anymore. The persecutions are ramping up and we need a safe space where we can discuss topics and coordinate without any impediments. Facebook has been a mission of sorts for me. It was never meant to be as a permanent place.


Can we get a react button alongside the like one which is called “Jew”? It can be in the form of a nose.


“Don’t call this a comeback”


This has made my day significantly worse…


Yay, we can all hang out here.
I only check FB for the rel anyway.


Well I’ll pray this catches on because /rel/ was the best part about faceberg


Yeah tbh this is the first time I’ve ever had to use a forum like this. It’s a bit disorienting. But all that being said, I’m glad the torch can be carried on.


An anti nazi in Rel?


Basically every pole and most mexicans. lel


You should have introduced a law banning Hitler discussions due to zuccenings.Welp,better luck next time.


Pfft can’t even celebrate a great man’s birthday on facebook anymore.



Maybe this script can help you: