2nd Zucc of /rel/

/rel/ will continue serving the purpose of drawing people to Christ as it has before.
The forums will be our safehouse and I really hope you people will at least try helping me to build up the traffic here.

If you have a serious question/discussion and you really don’t want to get memed, you’re better posting it here. /rel/ always has and always will be a shitposting group.


I had wrongly hesitated in the forum side of /rel. I also wrongly thought the VK would become more active if we got deleted on fb. However I admit mistakes and will share with normal members the need for them to migrate to the forum.

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Quite a few people told me that they’re not used to forums. But honestly, I fear it’s the conditioning to fast-paced and comfortable social media speaking.

Still nowhere near the level of discomfort that the Christians had to endure in the Roman Empire. lol


Sonner or later it will be deleted again. Why not promoting VK? Even the Daily Stormer’s page is up there without getting deleted.

I am perfectly fine with the FB group deleting ALL mention (open and covert) of H or NS. Which includes all the bullshit anti Hitler posts that took place around his birthday. Clearly NS won the argument and so the zucking began.

All the shills came out in that one post mocking me, with six or seven of them copying various posts of mine in an intimidation scheme. I responded with a popcorn pic, then one of the mockers, whose main pic was female, openly threatened the group and said that “never forget” bullshit. Cunt.

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From now on I’ll tag any of those anti-Hitler posts for deletion, rather than responding to them.

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RIGHT NOW there are half a dozen posts insulting Hitler and NS. They need to be deleted. Make me mod if you want, I promise to be swift and just…

I already promoted Dietrich as another mod. It will be a while till I get more mods. So, if you need NS stuff removed, either tag me or him.

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Part of the reason this forum is underutilized is that it sucks. Not trying to offend but it is the least user-friendly board format I’ve ever dealt with.

If you have some feedback you can message the admin with your problems/suggestions through the feedback section (note that this makes your feedback public) or message the admin privately about it.

Thanks for the feedback. What would you like to see changed?

How about migrating to minds.com? It is a Facebook-like UX.

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My main issue is it’s labyrinthine. I have no idea what I’m doing here and I’ve been using online forums since I was nine, hell 4chan makes more sense than this and it’s amongst the least user friendly things in existence.
Invision boards are probably a better idea.

It’s literally the same thing. You have your categories on the left, latest posts on the right. You click on whatever you want to read and reply if you want to.

You’re probably the only one complaining about Discourse.

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I guess making a Discourse 101 video would be necessary sometime in the future. Then again, if you can’t comprehend something as simple as a web forum, maybe you should leave the salvation of mankind to others. lol. No offence.


Welp. Now that we’re shadow-banned (not sure if temporarily or permanently), I will fully devote myself to the site, and I hope to make the most of it. I’ve been trying to play both sides, but at the end of the day I just half-ass both.

So, stand by, fams. Cool stuff abound, I hope and remember to follow us on Twitter for updates:

Good thing, i’ve got notification


And now we got permanently deleted.

New group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/174260476534196/

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The fb group is gone for good?

Nah. it’s back at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ReligiouslyIntolerant3/

But I am shifting my focus towards the website

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