3rd Zuccing of Rel

Looks like this is it. Are there any survivors?

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Registered a few days ago here, originally came from /rel/ after it seemed to be shadowbanned and advised anyone interested in joining to come to the forums instead for now… guess it was only a matter of time after the loss of traffic.


How did this happen by the way? Haven’t heard of any raid or things like that in the previous months, I wonder how we got noticed by them.

No survivors, group permanently deleted.

New group:


Zuccistan smells like shit anyway…

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3rd one got shadow-banned, again.

I am looking into options of rebranding to throw off the algorythms, cause I think they’re just going after the name and admins


also post new group link pls

Copy of the statement in /rel/ :

"With less than 30 hours into the 3rd group’s existence, we already got shadow-banned again. So, it is time for radical changes.

I’ve made a page where we will continue our fight. I’d like to ask you all to follow us there. We will be sharing our content such as articles, podcasts and general memery there.

We’ve also created a group, but that is secret and invite-only. Hopefully it wont get hounded by the ZUGbots.

I know we’ll lose many people in this move. A lot were in it just for the shitposting, they’ll just have to find a different place for that. Or hope they make it to the new group. We must separate the wheat from the chaff if we want the movement to survive.

They can also join our discord where the noose is not as tight yet. So, the conversation can be a bit more offensive there.

As for /rel/. /rel/ is dead. But it has served its purpose. It has brought us together. It has provided us with a community of like-minded people. It has played a vital role in the return to Christ for a lot of us, and it has strengthened the faith the Lord for many more.

Despite everything, the group had done much more good than bad. God is my witness on that.

“Amen, amen, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit.” - John 12:24

This group will be deleted within a few days."


wait 3 times we have been zucked?

Is there an official /rel/ group back up again? I joined what looked like one, but it was full of neo-pagan freaks.

Cult of Icthys. We were able to get the group re-instated.
Also Legio Christi Hangout, although it’s a secret group, so you will need a current member as a friend so that they can add you pending admin approval.

Is Legio Christi Hangout still around? I’d love to join

If you are friends with a current member of that group, they can add you.