A Christian Call for a Return to Monarchy

In this modern era political unity is required more than anything, and we as Christians can trace this unity back to the divine-right to rule in the First Book of Samuel (1 Samuel). The divine right of Kings is nothing new to any peoples of the Earth, and through this book we are shown yet again that the anointing of David sets in motion a chain of events that we each are called to adhere to as Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestant Christians. It is in this tradition that we find our unity against the modern calls for rampant individualism where nobody is responsible to anyone other than themselves.

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Good article, I hope a kingdom can once again be established to challenge the liberal world order.

I am unsure about the divine right of kings though. As a Catholic I am highly suspicious of the theory. As far as I can tell it was mainly promoted by protestant kings, while Catholics tended not to invoke it, save for a few, but seemingly did so because it made things easier for them. Henry VIII is one that comes to mind that used the theory to establish the Church of England.

Vatican I also comes to mind which would suggest to me since the Roman Pontiff reserves the right to pass judgement on all the faithful when it comes to faith and morals, a king would still be subject to the Church.

I would guess that our Orthodox brothers would assert the same right, that the Church as a whole is gifted with authority over all the faithful and even a king is subject to it.

I probably need to read up on it a bit more though, intial thoughts are I don’t quite buy into it if it means a king is not subject to the Church.