A “Leitharted” Response

To God’s holy people in /rel/, the faithful brothers and sisters in Christ: Grace and Peace to you from God our Father. As I began my exploration of Orthodoxy and Catholicism, my father began sending me books and articles in an attempt to answer some of my many qualms about the protestant Church. This article, written by Peter Leithart was one of these many pieces my father sent me. As I read, I realized that there was a lot of good thought on Leithart's end of things, but I realized too that he was misrepresenting a great deal of what Catholicism and Orthodoxy hold dear. When I finished reading, I knew that I needed to respond; to break down the arguments and “debate” Leithart's argument within the article itself. The raised text is Leithart's article, verbatim. The plain text is my response to each paragraph. My hope is that all readers will not only be able to better understand the protestant belief system, but that they will also be better able to argue for traditional Christianity. So, without further ado, I present to you: A “Leitharted” Response.

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