A Traditionalists on modesty

One of my favorite stories of Christ is when He is in the desert: Satan offers him the world and Chirst's response is "Begone, Satan: for it is written, The Lord thy God shalt thou adore, and him only shalt thou serve." (Matthew 4:10b)

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Great article! Many people forget about the fact that modesty encompasses all outer behaviors; posture, gait, decorum, not dressing excessively, and speech as well. I think the part of modesty men struggle most with (except for modesty at the gym/pool/beach) is modesty regarding their speech. Lewd jokes and foul language are just as bad as Immodest dress, and can cause us to sin more greatly due to the fact that these behaviors keep us in an impure state of mind. Sinful speech and thoughts can be grave as well, as one willing lustful look is enough to send one to hell.
The one part I have a minor disagreement with is on accounts that post about modesty. I do think gloating about it is absolutely wrong, but there’s a fine line between right and wrong imo. Since modesty is so uncommon these days, it’s hard for people to transition to it, and modesty inspo pages helped me so much with how to alter clothes I already have, how to layer clothes for modesty, etc. So, I think as long as the accounts are only to teach and not to bring attention to oneself, they can be beneficial and licit. :)

Good language and formal dressing are true proof of good company 99% of times.

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