American Psychologists Association: Implications of using APA Format (Jager's Prediction's from 2011)

Foreword Without proper understanding of the situation surrounding this essay, this paper can come off sounding improper, obtuse or if you've read my writings before the style seems forced and cramped. It is therefore proper to explain to you, the reader, some of the external forces and reasons the following essay is written the way it is. The biggest irony of this paper is that while it rails against the American Psychologists Association (APA), a requirement for the class in which it was written was that it must conform to APA formatting standards. My Alma Mater [REDACTED] uses APA format exclusively, and this does cut into my style quite a bit. The APA format excludes my common writing style which refers to me (the author) and you (the reader). It even prevents me from designating this essay as "this essay". It prevents gendered definitions, which to be honest at some points I outright ignored. The English language can only be butchered to a certain extent, past that one becomes too sick to write in such a neutered perversion of the language. Also for the sake of openness this paper received some dockings from the teacher, a one [REDEACTED] who teaches at [REDACTED]. The reasons she gave included a lack of headings throughout the paper, lack of literature reference, the paper was hard to read and that ouroboros was not a word. To these accusations I explained to her that headings were not in congruence with APA format, my literature review was included and clearly listed on the table of contents, and ouroboros is indeed a word and common at that. She gave no response and left the grade as it was. This is a victory to me, as in previous weeks both her and her assistant wrote passionate defenses for the APA when I brought up my project in discussion. That however is not what worried me. The students also came to the APA's defense, yet their words were less academic in nature, to the point of being intellectually deficient. They even went so far as to say that the APA shouldn't be questioned because psychiatrists motives shouldn't be questioned. It was almost as if they were unwilling to accept that people in the scientific community could be fallible. In response to the intellectual dishonesty, I am now posting this abroad, in the hopes that some light may shine on this darker corner of academia and the APA in general. I'm still researching the topic for expository purposes, in fact within the last few days I've found further information that may also link the APA to Planned Parenthood, but that will take another full essay to explain. In the meantime, I hope this essay blesses you and helps you in decisions concerning the APA.

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