Best contemporary Christian music?

Do you guys have any recommendations for contemporary, non liturgical Christian music? Here are a few nice ones I have found

A while ago I used to listen to a band called For Today, it was pretty nice.

Here’s a channel with mostly American Christian metalcore if you’re interested.

If you want something strictly Orthodox, here are a few bands I’ve come across, all of them unblack metal: - top tier stuff. One of the guys pops into our chats occasionally. - discovered this not long ago, pretty decent. Good videos on YT as well - the true Batyushka, not the faggy polak satanists. Plays instrumental only from what I’ve seen


Thousand Foot Krutch has two good songs. I’m bad with guessing genres, but I’ll say nu-metal. Their other songs are pretty cringe, but that’s what you get with Protestant music.

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