Cardinal George Pell

As some of you may be aware, Cardinal Pell has been found guilty of sexually abusing two choir-boys.

Article from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation or Abnormally Biased against Catholics):

Some of my thoughts are: The time-frame doesn’t work out, did all the priests con-celebrating the Mass decide to keep their vestments on for a change?
Did the servers decide that the sacred vessels just looked too nice to be put away?
How were two choir-boys able to slip unnoticed from the procession, get into the priests sacristy (where they neither were allowed nor had previously been), locate the altar wine, have a couple of swigs, and be found and abused by the Archb. all within “5-6 minutes”?
How long had that procession gone before they realised that the Archb. had vanished? After realising he was gone did they just say “Eh, once more around won’t hurt?”

Any thoughts? Please be respectful (I.E., Cdl. Pell cannot have been unaware of the abuses committed by the priest with whom he shared a presbytery, so he must be guilty of either incompetence or collusion, but to be guilty of this case of abuse requires a stretching of one’s imagination well beyond reasonable bound (forming facts to suit theories).)

Note that these are old news that are now again in the spotlight since the press embargo wqs lifted

The allegations fall apart in every possible way. There is no evidence for them, and much against them. They read as a cheap fanfic that he came up with in 5 minutes, so it is no surprise it contradicts all the people working there. But none of this will matter, so as long as Pells fate is determined by the mob, such mob will only think about how epic and emotive will be to destroy le ebil Church.

Does anyone know what will happen now? I know that Pell was going to take some legal action but I dont even know what his options are.


Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t apply to those who don’t fit the narrative.

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If you look through the news reports throughout the lead-up to the trial (actually, going all the way back to mid-2014) and consider that the Victorian State Police set up a task force for managing all the abuse reports against Cdl. Pell almost a year before they had any, then you’re forced to conclude that he was presumed guilty until proven guilty.

As a general update, Cardinal George Pell was sentenced this morning (Wednesday, 13Mar2018) to six years in prison and his name added to the registered sex offenders list. He will not be eligible for parole for 3 years and 8 months. (Note that his appeal is yet to happen, I’ll update again when I hear more about it).

Of your charity, please keep him in your prayers for his safety and deliverance throughout the next six years (because realistically it wouldn’t matter if you had CCTV footage from the day, they (the Freemasons that run the police and the mongrel dogs that call themselves the media) are determined to get him on something and milk it for all it’s worth.)