Catholicism and fascism

This post is directly inspired by “The Doctrine of fascism” by Benito Mussolini

Fascism requires an understanding of man in their laws. There has never been a time without a State be it even Adam or Seth just ruling over their family. Monarchy is the natural government system of reality from God reigning on his throne to the creation of man’s Patriarchs, until men have steel in their backs again monarchy is not a viable option.

Fascism is by which moral law binds the individual with the generations in an established tradition and mission. “A moral law which suppresses the instinct to lead a life confined to a brief cycle of pleasure in order”. This relates to catholicism in the sense that we on this earth must not live for ourselves but for God, our family, and neighbors. We must spend all of our energies giving ourselves to others for no goodness originates within us but through God alone we are good.

Fascism wants the man to have a manly consciousness of the difficulties of the world world and want to grab the bull by the horns. There is nothing that brings distant to a fascist than easy life. There is no possibility of happiness in this existence. We look through the lives of saints and wonder in awe how they went through so much hardship and pain, is there a harder life than picking up one’s own cross and allowing God to destroying all the imperfection in one’s soul?

The world was flooded twice once by God and another time with filth by John Locke. Liberalism changed the individual by teaching through pleasure you are free. It is the popular will and conscious that rules the state. With giving into pleasure we as men become slaves to it. The fascist believes liberty only comes through servicing the state by suppressing our animalistic desires. This is one for one with the Catholic teaching that following the Lord is the ultimately freedom. “Fascism denies the the possibilities of the materialistic concept of” happiness".

I will end this piece that I thought were interesting regarding the fascist state and religion.


Assuming that this is speaking of an ideal fascism, then there is no issue that I can see. However, in this day and age especially, I would be very careful of using this term, “fascism”, overmuch since it will be equated to the fascist state that bore us Nazism, which is most definitely not a good, moral position to hold.
I would also note that the idea of the fascism defined and limited above may pose its own problems in that if we acknowledge that this definition is of “ideal fascism”, then we can have little argument against Communists when they posit “that Communism has never been tried”.

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There is definitely some difference between nazism and fascism but to the average person it does not matter. There is a definitely a rise in interest in authoritarianism to compare this late stage capitalism/neoliberalism/hyper reality.
So I think it’s important to start studying the relation to catholicism and authoritarian ideologies