Christian Fascist Discord

Looking for fellow christian national socialist to come and learn and chat about Christianity and fascism last server sadly got shoahed so please if you joined last time please join again

National Socialism is not embraced by the site or staff though certain types of Fascism (Think Cordreanu) and reactionary politics (Franco) are lauded.


tl;dr nice try FBI

tl;dr constant bastard syndrome. Its a learning server, not a server for illegal things, anyone posting anything illegal will be banned. i dont see whats so CIA nigger about it. Most people who join ive banned for being retards tbqh

also i wouldnt call myself a national socialist if i saw some kind of split off between the two

Since when is Fascism National Socialism?

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Well if you’ve read up on it they fundamentally are the same thing. Fascism plain and simple is the adherence to Truth and the natural laws God has set forth. There are plenty of political manifestations of this such as the iron guard, rexism, or plain old national socialism.Youre_dumb

idk man, corporatism seems pretty far from “socialism”

economics are different than core beliefs

Do expand on that if you may.

I am also interested in that sentiment

well you have to start with the meaning of fascism, simply it means adherence to Truth and natural laws set forth by God. And these nations adhered to truth, economics are really dependent on the type of people. The romanians are different from the germans so theyre going to be different in expressing this truth and economics

@chilliers isn’t using “fascism” in the same sense as Italian Fascism, the ideology. He’s referring to fascism the worldview. Think of a worldview being like a destination on a map. It’s where you want to go based on your values. Ideology is the policies you take to reach that worldview, like the route you take to reach the destination on the map. He’s saying that, while all these ideologies like National Socialism, Italian Fascism, Legionarism, Falangism, Rexism, etc. have different policies, they have the same values and are heading towards the same destination. They are starting from different places on the map, so to reach the same destination, they might need different policies.

Fascism as a worldview is the worldview of Truth. What do I mean by this? Democracy, capitalism, communism, etc. are materialist (modernist) ideologies. They place comfort and safety for the most people as the highest moral good. If forced to choose between truth and comfort/safety, they will sacrifice truth. On the other hand, derivatives of Fascism are idealist (traditionalist, spiritualist) ideologies. They place Truth as the highest good, and if comfort and safety are in the way of Truth, then those must be sacrificed. Ernst Junger described it as “the desire to do that which we must.” I’ve heard another person put it thus: “Jesus is the Son of God, Who is God. Christ is the Logos, and in John 14:6 said ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.’ Fascism is macrodedication to truth. Ergo, Fascism is macrodedication to Christ, or in other words, Fascism = Deus Vult.”

Going back to what @chilliers was saying, economics is the least important aspect. It’s a means to an end, not the end in itself. If Mussolini didn’t think that corporatism was the best thing for the Italian people, he would not have done it, right? So economics isn’t necessarily dogmatic. The important thing is doing what’s best for the people. On the other hand, take sodomy, for example. Policies against that are not a means to an end. Marriage has the end goal of procreation. Procreation can only happen between a man and a woman through intercourse. Sodomites cannot procreate, so by definition they cannot have sex. Only mutual masturbation/sodomy, which is inherently satanic. It’s the reversal of the natural order. Or look at goverment type. That is not a means to an end. Monarchy (mono = one, archon = ruler) is ordained by God, as the most holy Trinity itself is a Monarchy. We see it reflected in the family as well. Man is the protector and the head of the household all across the world. All Fascist regimes were forms of monarchy headed by a man, and all fascist ideologies are either Christian or they believe in a higher power that they are accountable to after death.