Common Filth will bring you nothing but despair, reject him

Ok, so as a sort of a follow up to my last topic on “Trad communities on the web”, I want to hear your guy’s thoughts on something.

What the hell is wrong with Common Filth?!

I used to listen to his stuff before Bandcamp zucced him and he went into a hiatus. I have been back prodding at his newest stuff. He currently is running a meme page on Zuccbook and has a second channel dedicated to reviewing obscure video games.

Now the thing about CF is that he absolutely despises and loaths modern day consumerism and the vacuousness of the modern man. And yet everything he has been putting out is all this post-ironic bullshit humor that he himself would find distasteful. I guess he is being ironic about being post-ironic. But it is ok, tho, he likes to posts pics about (((WHITE WOMEN))) being degenerate and that somehow is helping things.

Go check out his page “Full House Memes 2” or his youtube channel “Nostagia World” and try to tell me that he is somehow fighting degeneracy and hasn’t scummed to it himself.

The worst part about it is that the guys at Earldom of Gray, for the most part, still enjoys CF. “Yes let us be fans of someone who willingly subjects his senses to the most lowly and base of humanity on a constant basis. Clearly this will have NO problems on my spiritual health, so long as I say that ‘this is wrong’”

And I am sitting here like “Why?” These are suppose to be super TradCat Bois who are gonna take the world back by storm. And you root for someone who (allegedly) isn’t an apostolic christian? Someone who will complain about furmommies for the six millionth time?

I fully confess, I have been committing the same sin of willing viewing degeneracy on the web, knowing full well I should have averted my gaze. And I find myself sitting back in smug judgement, saying to myself “How can these people be so perverted?” My only hope is that Our Most Merciful Lord can look upon me with pity.

I really do not want to sound “Holier than thou”, I really don’t. But this really has been the crux of my last rant. It frustrates me to no end that those in the Trad crowd on FB find it easier to point out degeneracy rather than pray. The page “Patriarchy” was quite notorious for this until they cleaned up their act. For sure, they cover news of degeneracy, but only as a means of encouraging activism against it.

CF just browses Tumblr and finds some bs LGBT thing and posts it.

For the love of God, please do not forget the words of St. Silouan of Athonite

“The man who cries out against evil men but does not pray for them will never know the grace of God.”

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I think he’s useful only for getting people to turn against it. It’s true that his ideology is shit, and he doesn’t understand that subjecting himself to such things for hours on end is horrible for him, and horrible in a moral sense as well, but still, a lot of his stuff helped turn me against gays, as opposed to simply having an aversion to them, and being against gay marriage, but still wanting the LGBTQ community to exist and be a part of society.

Oh for sure his earlier works have been very illuminating. I am not going to deny that he was instrumental in changing my views on the LGBT community.

Unfortunately, CF has now become the very thing he despised. He has become the very definition of the Blackpill. He doesn’t even bother commentating on the gays anymore. He rather fill up his time with video games and memes.

Sound familiar?