Current state of firearms in the US

I’ve actually been worrying quite a lot about the possibility of firearm access being restricted by the time i’m about 50. Unfortunately it seems as though, despite constant bombardment from non-media outlets telling the masses not to accept lies from media, etc, the minority of ignorant anti-gunners are represented as the vocal majority.

It just makes me sad, to say the least.

Oh also here’s a shitpost I WAS gonna stick in /rel/, thanks zucc.


I’ve noticed that for Americans, guns are like cummies. You can’t take them peacefully. lol

Unless you demoralise them enough so that they start giving up or sawing apart their guns wilfully.

shall NOT be infringed


I really hope they don’t ban guns anytime soon. One of the reasons I’m considering moving to the US is precisely to be able to own a gun. It’d be a massive bummer (to say the least) if I were to use all my money moving, only to be just as cucked by the US state as I am under the Norwegian state.


It won’t be a sudden thing, it’ll be a slow fade out. They will continue to make it harder and harder to buy a gun till eventually it’s next to impossible, and start gun buy back programs to get the ones already out there. Eventually those who own guns will pass away, I wouldn’t be surprised to see laws against guns being passed down in inheritance. Within 50-100 years we’ll be a gun free nation.

There are always ways to own a gun. Look at Russia, they are not allowed to carry guns, but that doesn’t stop them from beating a shit out of each other and kill whoever they want, even police.

There are no firearms in Spain. While you go out late, anyone can literally murder you with a knife and take everything you have. Or someone could enter your house and kill you. The only thing preventing this is living in a nice area, trusting that nobody will do that, but the possibility is there and several people I know hve been assaulted with a knife. They couldn’t do anything, and they could have been killed.

And of course there is the real reason behind this: leftists want to get rid of us. They have no limits, there is no goal that is twisted enough. They have glorified infanticide and they will soon glorify murdering christians.


The Founders gave us the right to own guns, just in case the government tried to take them away later. We all know this. But as well as owning a gun, we should know how to use one. I’m sure we all know the basics–don’t point it at anything you don’t want to shoot–but if someone attacked you and your family, it would be ideal if you know exactly the best way to defend yourself. Having a gun is not enough. You should know how to use it. And ideally, you should even know a group of friends, with guns, who can act like a squad. But that might be asking a bit much.


Oh you should definitely have other guys who work with you. You don’t win my yourself

I don’t get the firearms thing in America. The Australian set up for it is based on “if you don’t need a gun, why buy one?”. There are license classes affecting how many and what type of firearm you’re allowed to own, and only government approved licensees may sell firearms in Australia.

That being said, I do understand that the American Constitution permits firearms and removes the government’s right to ban them, but then again, the Australian Constitution was changed to let fags “marry”, so forgive me if I have no respect for Constitions now, they’re just going to get changed.

I have never been more certain about anything I’ve ever said than this “from my cold dead hands.”. Literally they dont have the manpower. Maybe in metro cuck areas. They cant in the country. Especially with 3D printing now lol. Funny.

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A few points:
America has more guns than people.
Every time there’s a shooting or a movement to ban any type of guns, Americans buy more of them for fear that they won’t be able to later.
Every buyback program in the country has bought back non-functioning guns that couldn’t be used anyway.
Liberals make all the calls for gun control.
Conservatives own all the guns.
The only people gun bans will work out poorly for are the people who call for gun bans.

That’s one of the positives of America, actually. You try to take our guns, your blood’s gonna run. It’s why America isn’t as subverted as most European nations…yet.

I don’t understand trads in Europe, Australia and Canada not wanting guns.

What do you base that on? My impression of Eurotrads are pro gun-rights. Wether it be with counter-revolutionary intents, self-defense or just for sports, most trads support the right to bear arms.

Can we turn this into a gun thread?


Post your guns ITT

(Not ATF i swear)

Speaking of guns. Saw this post today. One of the oddest shills for gun rights I’ve ever seen.
The absolute state of trad dorks.


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Daily reminder to sell your cloak and buy a sword