Decorum of speech and how to handle insults by Saint Jean-Baqtiste

“However, if you are a butt of sarcasm because of one of your defects, always take it in good part, do not show exteriorly that it bothers you it. It is a mark of refinement, as well as a sign of piety, not to let yourself be disturbed by what others say about you, however disagreeable, offensive, or insulting it maybe. It is prudent, when someone is using insulting language, for you to reply in kind and not to undertake to defend yourself. It is better to take the whole thing as a joke, and if someone else comes to your defense, you ought to show that you are not upset by what is said. It is characteristics of a truly wise person never to be upset by anything. However, when you are a advised or reproved by another, it is a matter of decorum the admonition graciously and to show gratitude. The more gratitude you show, the more you will act like a true Christian and the more highly you will be regarded. If it happens that someone insults you, it would be acting like a prudent person not to be offended by it. Far from wanting to defend yourself, say nothing at all. It is a sign of a mean and slovenly spirit if you cannot endure an insult; a Christian ought to not show any resentment or even experience anything. The wise man advises you to forget all slights you might experience from your neighbor (Eccl [Sir] 10:6)
Jesus Christ wants you not only to pardon your enemies but to also do good to them, no matter what wrong or displeasure they
have caused you (mt 5:44). If anyone offers to defend you,let him know that you were not at all offended.”