Demons and ghosts

Phoneposting and I don’t know what to make of this, so bare with me…

I need someone with more knowledge of the spiritual realm and the workings of demons to help me think here:

So these two pictures are taken only a few seconds apart. My fiance is part sami and several members of her family are serious about the exsistence of a blood curse that can ruin the lives of those affected by it. She has always talked about experiencing supernatural things and seeing ghosts and sensing demons around ever since childhood, and I always have believed her, but naturally I am a bit sceptical at times (sometimes houses do just creek for various reasons). Well, her father was alledgedly involved with sami black magic and, according to her mother (probably the most devout person I know) he would constantly brag about cursing people and that he caused the early deaths of the people around him.
Well he died earlier this year, and ever since the “hauntings” that my fiance experience seem to be more frequent and more serious to the point where she’s hardly at home anymore due to the presence of demons.
Which brings me back to the pictures: the rosary was placed there to prove the presence of the demon and to demonstrate its (theirs?) ability to move objects and that they’re not “scared” of Christian symbols and items. The rosary was consiously placed in the corner of the glass on the table, and in the later picture it is maybe as much as 5-7mm over the edge. Mind you, no one was near it. It was only me and her in the room, and my eyes were on her all the time, so I’m pretty sure I would’ve seen if she touched it.
So can demons do this (I believe so)? Is her father haunting her and/or sending curses and demons from hell?
I could probably go more into the curses and the spiritual and religious journey of my F and the rest of her family for clarification, but I’ve ranted for long enough.

Anything demon/curse/ghost/etc related thread, I guess

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Some years ago, Fr. Terence Naughtin (OFM Conv.) did a talk on Angels, Demons, and the New Age, you might find it interesting.

As for the “Can they move physical objects” question, I do believe they can.

Is her father sending demons? More often than not it is a demon that tries to convince you that it’s a ghost of a relative and it’s unlikely her father would have the time or the inclination: he’s either in torment in Hell, in agony in Purgatory, or in bliss in Heaven. To the best of my knowledge, human souls tend not to have the freedom to return to earth for haunting.

Remember that the battle is already won. Demons are ultimately powerless. Whether this is a demon, another entity, or something else, be it truly malicious or not, remember that there is nothing to fear, because we are on God’s side.


Owing to changes to the original library, Fr. Naughtin’s talk can be reached on my OneDrive:!AplQ5KTLRfLAgsIdh6GcLzK-dr_CIQ?e=B2t3Ub

I apologise for the audio quality, but it is from a pub in 2010.

Just as an update on this, the hauntings have stopped both for my now wife, and her brother who also suffered from demonic hauntings and sleep paralysises. They stopped in both cases when they got rid of and burned every item with the Star of Repham on them. Just a couple of months before the original post their pentecostal mother had been on a trip to Israel, and bought quite a lot of zionist “merch” for the both of them. This coincided roughly with the death of their shaman father, so there’s no kidding that the cause of the haunting was obscured. My wife burned the stars last autumn, and her brother late winter or spring, I think, and they’ve both been liberated since.

Of course it was the usual suspects who were behind it. I never thought much of the power of symbols before this, and nothing has convinced me as much of the absolute spiritual evil of jewry as this. Many of their cousins also suffer from demonic hauntings, and being evangelical zionists they probably have some of the same items near them. I might update again if we can get them to rid themselves of these items and if the hauntings cease.


It is interesting how people many times dont stop to think about symbols because they are considered to belong to the realm of perception rather than that of reality.

Clearly symbols have this potential actual influence, which even allows us to observe the evil or good in what they represent.

Keep us posted. In this age of constant blackpill, these small spiritual victories are always uplifting