Discord server has been nuked

As mentioned in the title it seems that the discord server has been nuked. We will look into other options with similar design. It seems the same thing happened to other servers.

If you can contact people who are not in the telegram channel, tell them to go there please.

Oh so that’s why. Did everybody’s account get nuked

Yep. Discord tends to do that: banning entire servers and everyone in it. it is clear that it is wise to move to other platforms. Preferably self hosted and that are very, very easy to join and use.

Do you know of any other servers that got nuked today

People are commmenting it in the Telegram server. It would be good for you to join if you are not already there.

I don’t have a phone number so I can’t join Telegram. Sorry

Fair. It seems Mungocord and other associated servers were nuked too

Also if some movement is made I will inform in this post.

Can confirm, I got nuked too :frowning:

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Sadly there’s nothing we can do to stop it. We’re doing something else that will be announced soon™


Glad to announce, for those who didn’t see it, that we have a self-hosted rocket chat server in chat.legiochristi.com

Account needs manual activation, so let us know through any means if you create it.