FAQ and Guidelines

Welcome to the Legio Christi Forums,

We are an international community of Traditionally minded Christians who recognise the current state of society as a sign of spiritual degradation. We seek to rebuild society oriented towards God, failing which, we seek to bring home to God as many souls as choose to convert.

We started as a Facebook group that was founded by members of various forums such as /pol/. The goal was to create a safe-haven on the internet where traditionally-minded Catholics and Orthodox could come together and hold serious discussions as well as bash each others’ religions in a light-hearted manner. From there, we decided to formalise ourselves as a traditional community dedicated to the protection and resuscitation of Christianity within the society around us. We are open to anyone who seeks such a community but only those who believe the tenets taught by the Catholics or the Orthodox have the opportunity of truly advancing within the hierarchy.

General Guidelines:

    1. People from non-Christian religions permitted but they will have 2nd class citizen status.
    2. Autism and edginess may result in deleted comments.
    3. Overuse of bait may result in Silencing.
    4. Being an arsehole may result in Suspension.
    5. Shilling for ((((certain people)))) may result in a deactivated account.
    6. Admins have the final say.
    7. Constructiveness is a good thing.
    8. Sunday is Wholesome. All posts made on a Sunday must be for the betterment of each and everyone's spiritual health.
    9. Sunday is defined as beginning at 0000hrs in Australia Time and ending at 2359hrs in Eastern America Time.
    10. Breach of Wholesome Sunday punishable by Silencing/Muting or Suspension/Banana.
    11. Fist-fighting between the various religions is encouraged, but keep it to the level of friendly banter.


    Autumn 2014 - /rel/ founded on Facebook
    August 2015 - Jimbo2025 joins /rel/
    13.03.2016 - Filmore and the Big Reset
    11.06.2016 - Book of Mormon ingested by Holstein
    19.08.2016 - RIP Rodney Peterson
    19.09.2016 - Patriarchy refugee crisis, /rel/'s border security tightened
    20.09.2016 - KEK and its worship outlawed
    26.04.2018 - Forums migrated
    21.04.2018 - /rel/ Disabled for the 2nd time
    22.04.2018 - /rel/ Restored for the 2nd time
    27.05.2018 - /rel/ shadowbanned
    28.05.2018 - /rel/ deleted for the second time, Filmore welcomes /rel/ back, Cult of Ichthys founded as back-up group, Legio Christi page created, Legio Christi Hangouts Fb group founded
    23.12.2018 - Cult of Ichthys disabled for reaching 2k members
    24.12.2018 - Cult restored
    01.05.2019 - Shekels used to promote Legio Christi Forums
    24.05.2019 - Legio Christi Hangout flash-frozen until further notice
    19.02.2020 - Forums get coronavirus from our provider
    20.05.2020 - Daniil Restores the Forums
    02.06.2020 - Legio Christi Fb page Zucc'd
    05.06.2020 - Legio Christi About section rewrite, work begins on website face-lift
    05.09.2020 - Legio Christi website 2.0 goes live
    10.09.2020 - Legio Christi receives a generous donation of one Gab Pro from the CEO of Gab himself and begins migration to Gab.
    26.02.2021 - Legio Christi receives an eviction notice from Facebook and takes it as a challenge, not a warning.
    20.07.2021 - Legio Christi Discord nuked
    26.07.2021 - Legio Christi moves to Rocket Chat
    20.11.2021 - Legio Christi member Cybo creates new Discord
    26.12.2021 - Ancient /rel/ics found Religiously Inconsiderate - /rel/ on Facebook
    04.04.2022 - Patreon deletes Legio Christi page without warning

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