Favorite prayers/prayer methods

What prayers are you guys fond of in particular? I love the meditative prayer that the rosary offers, and the scriptually focused and disciplined prayers of the divine office.

Both benefit me immensely in my spiritual life. I can especially feel a great difference when I neglect these prayers, and everything else in my spiritual life usually suffers as a consequence.


The Jesus Prayer is excellent. It helps me calm down, and keeps me from making rash decisions. The Psalms are also a wonderful form of prayer. Often, I’ve just opened a book of Psalms to a random page, and the Psalm I see first is exactly the one I need most.


If you consistently use Morning and Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer (1662 being the classical form), you will basically read the Old Testament in one year and the New Testament several times, and the Psalms 12 times. I ought to do it more, but I give myself excuses about wanting sleep and having to do my teacher stuff and my seminary work. May the Lord strengthen me to offer him the sacrifice most pleasing to him: obedience.

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