First Post, Seej Soldier

These are two commissions I’ve been requested to draw. Both digitally, but I do hope to create and post something in a traditional medium soon.

Neither drawings are too special nor detailed, but I did want to share a bit of my process and also track my progress as time goes on. I still have a lot of work and practice to do.

The first drawing I started by sketching out the general shape and proportions in red, and then putting in large shapes of strong shadows to immediately capture some depth. Afterwards I just kept putting in various shades and shapes, and slowly connecting them as I did so until it was finished. The most difficult part was, in both drawings, the camo, but moreso in the second one. I didn’t try to get it exactly right, but rather improvised to not fall into the trap of perfectionism and then making it seem fake as a result. I kept in the red of the sketch in both for a bit of style.

As for the second drawing, I had the same approach for the sketch, but didn’t have the same strong shadows to work with to achieve depth, but I rather needed to focus more on gradients and folding of fabrics. For example, I darkened the right, our left, sleeve in the way of a gradient to fake depth which wasn’t in the original photograph, and I did the same with the boots and pants. The variations in the gear helped a lot with the monotony of the lighting, and the shapes are more interesting than in the first drawing. The camo is also much more detailed, but also monotone, so I didn’t try to capture too much of the detail but rather the general look of it too not give too much fuzz for the eye.

As for the backgrounds; I kept them as simple as I possibly could because they weren’t requested and it also gives a stylized feeling to the figures, to make up a slightly pretentious excuse.


The shading on that is amazing, good job

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Yeah, you really do have a knack for shading. Is the camo really more dense on the top than the bottom? It does seem so in the first picture.


I honestly can’t remember. I’ve lost the original photo since the discord ban. I think the pants in the first drawing had bigger spots of camo, or it was the lighting messing with my eyes. Though I could’ve just simplified it because of whatever reason, I honestly don’t remember. Though the second photo had a ton of tiny camo details which I didn’t add, thousands of black pixels everywhere that would’ve taken an unrealistic amount of time to draw. And I need to thank Mozal for pushing me to get more confident when shading.


Can’t you simply ass confeddy to resend the pic? He probably has it on his phone.

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