Gym Schedule

Been wondering about something lately, how often do ya’ll go to the gym and how long do you work out per session?

For a while I’ve been trying to find the most optimal workout. Previously I went to the gym 5 times a week due to it being right near my work place. By Friday my results would be pretty meagre, despite having a healthy diet.

Now that I’ve been moved to a different place temporarily, I am able to attend 2-3 times a week at most. The results are still ambiguous, since I cannot establish a proper rythm yet, but I do have a lot more strength left at the end of the week unlike before.

So, again, what is your optimal workout schedule and do you take supplements?

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I’d say do 5x5 or Starting Strength 3 times per week, that’s what I do when I have to catch up. It’s quick and easy, and gets results quickly.

The most important thing is to rest and get proper sleep. That’s when you make your gains.



If you can go 2 to 3 times a week I would recommend doing a 3 day split but just skipping legs if you don’t go the 3rd time.

So Push, Pull, Legs and then repeat, skipping legs if you don’t make it. Or you can just do a rotation and pick up where you left off the next week instead of skipping.

The most important thing is recording your lifts so that you can pick up where you left off. Otherwise you’ll stop pushing yourself effectively and start spinning your wheels.

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I go around 3 times a week, though I would say what I do on those days is more important. I have been slowly progressing, but some excercises are just depressingly tiresome.


Yeah, I really should start keeping a record of my lifts. Although I do recall my last day’s lifts by heart usually.
This was the workout I previously did when I could attend all 5 days, but now I simply do Monday/Wednesday and Thursday workouts. I will have to make a proper schedule for a 3-day week though.

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