[HIRING]: Data Scientists, web & software developers

Potential long term work for data scientists, web developers and software developers. Make yourself known here:

I know some things about data management, python, R, a bit of SQL and bash

That’s good to know. Right now I want to get a feel of what kind of response i can get. I won’t have anything for a while but when I do I’ll start posting Request for Proposals (RFPs) up here. Where are you based?

may I ask what a request for proposal actually is, because I’m still studying? and I live in the Netherlands

Hey no problem. A request for proposal (RFP) is a document that’s describes a project. Details can include:

  • Project description (e.g. I want to build a website)
  • Technical sepcifcations (e.g. must have an email list and at least three pages)
  • Budget and time requirements (e.g. I need this in 2 weeks and i can spend up to $500)
    and any other details.

The freelancer then response to the RFP with a proposal, a document that usually contains:

  • understanding of the brief (e.g. “So you want to build a website”)
  • project methodology (e.g. here is how I am going to build your site)
  • budget and time (e.g. what you’re asking for will take 3 weeks but i can do it for $500)

I am also a student who has experience with web development and I will be doing my internship in a company dealing with web-scraping in Python and database work and other stuff.

Dunno if it’s relevant, but let me know if you need a hand someday

Also, just out of curiosity: what kind of website are you making? Something wholesome and/or business-related?

I can do logistic regressions like a motherfucker, I’m really good at ETL pipelines, python, shell scripting, and database/data warehouse architecture, and I’m one of the best SQL users you’ll ever find. What’s the project? Where is the project?