How to rid our world of degenerates

In minecraft we have a massive homosexuality problems. While accelerationism is a sin, is it morally acceptable to ban degenerates and sodomites from the server or must we leave it up to God’s mercy?
At one point a man could be beaten for using the Lord’s name in vain. So another question for you to ponder is, is the issue with how degenerate the world is our fault for not self actualizating and doing something irl ?

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I assume you are using the meme “In Minecraft”, to which I would respond: what should I do if my brother sins against me?

We are not bound by the laws in Leviticus, we are expected to handle such problems in a different manner. We are to encourage chastity and abstinence, purity, prudence, and modesty for everyone, especially those caught up in some sin, lifestyle, or situation that makes this hard for them. We cannot do this if our first response at meeting these people is to autistically screech “reee” at them before throwing them out of helicopters.

It is a lie to say “It is God’s job to judge singers and mine to send them to Him”, our job is to bring souls to Him after we have secured our own.