Jews being jews

Interesting article from
Two things to note:

  1. admitting the ashkenazi Jews come from the Rhineland in Germany and Northern France. Ashkenaz are descendents of Japneth. If these Jews aren’t really ashkenaz (japneth) why would Jews choose to identify as such?
  2. it mentions the Assyrian empire using population transfers to dilute native populations of territories they conquered to prevent conquered people from rebelling.

That seems exactly like what is happening today in places where European people live:

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Modern jews, especially ashkenazis, have basically no genetic link with ancient hebrews. The modern religion is entirely based on magic race theology, but it’s all in their heads. All major jewish groups (sephardis = iberian, ashkenazis = central/eastern european, etc, etc) have more in common genetically with their geographcal neighbors than they do with each other.

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Jews when poled feel more united because of the Holocaust than their faith

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Jewish unity is really only something we have post-ww2. Before the war and increased hostility against them, their unity was more comparible to that of the various American protestant denominations, being more defined by the charisma of their local preacher than by any overarching values or theology.