Joining the Military in the Current Political Situation

(N.b. The following is purely hypothetical.)

Should I, given Australia’s political and religious outlook, support my queen and country in the same way my grandparents’ parents would have done, and would it be a good idea if I joined the military in a combat role?

My grandfather is of the opinion that although he would admit to being an Australian citizen (if pressed), he would not fight for this country because it is no longer fighting for the core values upon which it was founded (basic Protestant England virtues and beliefs), and it is anti-God, whereas I am of the opinion that if the war is justified (as was the case in the World Wars), then I am still obliged to defend my home and my country.

Given recent political changes, however, would I be justified in joining the military in a combatant role knowing that my country is no longer truly fighting for God, for Her Majesty, nor even for her own sake in the way she was 70 years ago? 70 years ago, Adolf Hitler, General Toto, and Benito Mussolini were very clearly our enemy, and 100 years ago Kaiser Wilhelm and the Ottomans were very clearly our enemy, but in this day and age of countries “intervening” for other countries for “harbouring/arming terrorists”, “preparing for nuclear warfare”, posing a threat, or even just for being war-torn, can any war be justified, and would I be justified in enlisting in a combatant role if I am uncertain of the justification of the war, and doubly so when it is unlikely that my country will come out of the war in any better moral position than when it went in?

Once again, purely hypothetical and presupposing that conscription doesn’t become obligatory in the event of a war.

I recently flunked the “obligatory” (it is easy to get away legally, as I did) military service in Norway for just the reason your grandfather mentioned, that I do not stand for the values which Norwegian society, and much less, the Norwegian state stand for. While I am in no way a pacifist, and I largely agree with you that WW2 was a necessary war (but not WW1 IMO), I can only barely imagine a scenario where I would be able to justify to myself going to war to kill, and possibly die i a war for the Norwegian state as it is today, that scenario being something along the lines of there being a proper Jihad waged on Norwegian soil (although even then I’m not certain that I would fight for the Norwegian state as much as just for Christendom).

As for wether or not a war can be justified today, I don’t really see a way that it can. In todays political climate it seems to obvious to me, that if any western state were to go to war, it would almost certainly be for some populist, “democratic-crusade” cause or for some economic gain, that only benefits the elites. As such, I can’t convince myself that the is a war today worth fighting, and I almost find it easier to justify a civil war than a world war in the current state of things.

I think that most of the issues of the modern world can be solved by trade rather than war. The world is no longer a zero-sum game, and war has become nothing but another cow to milk for money, as it has been since WW2. This table ( shows pretty clearly that the US economy stagnates in peace-time, and seeing how American economic influence has dominated the world up until today, so it wouldn’t surprise me if other western economies are the same.


not a wise idea considering dimwits like Bolton are controlling foreign policy. I find it funny that if Mueller gets fired there will be riots “WHAT DO WE WANT? MORE WAR! HEY HEY HO HO” you get the idea. at least here I’m too old to serve, dunno about your situation.

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I’m a young’un so, as all young men should, a possible career kn the military should always be a consideration, but the current political state had me wondering about the combatant’s role. Joining as a mechanic, a driver, a chaplain, or a tradesman could, I feel, be justified with ease, but the combatants are a bit trickier. Who’s war would they actually be fighting?

@Darnok, WWI was obligatory after Germany invaded Belgium because of the treaties England had, and Australia is required, as a member of the Commonwealth, to support England. I’d say that both World Wars were necessary as wars of such a scale (and I mentioned this in my post about the West) tend to close epochs (Greece v Persia, Rome v Goths, England v Napoleonic France, etc.).

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everyone vs. Israel might be the next one, I hate to say it.

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I don’t think it will be. I believe Israel will be involved as a battleground, but nothing more.
My belief is that America will over-react to North Korea and launch a missile at them out of the blue and over Russian air-space, and Russia will panic and fire back at the perceived threat.
This theory could kind of work the other way around, but I feel that American are a little more gung-ho than the Russians, making them more likely to fire first.

Nah it’ll be a gradual meltdown unless we do something to stop it.

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The wars being fought today has played a large role in creating the mess we find ourselves in today.
The U.S has done nothing but destabilize the middle east over and over again by fueling terrorists with weapons and removing the few leaders who were able to (harshly) pacify criminals and political infighting.

The middle east has been turned into an eternal war-zone in order to make sure, that it won’t ever unite and become an economic/military threat to the kikes (Israel) and the U.S as a superpower.

All the rapefugees and terror attacks are a direct result of failed politics and unjust wars.
Unless my country or neighbours are under direct attack (they will soon be by sandniggers), I won’t ever even consider joining the military and fight for the jew.


You don’t decide what you die for when in military, that said, I don’t want to die for “equality” and “tolerance” or other useless shit that some idiot comes up with. Militia is an option, a good option.


Last year, I might have been willing to fight for America. Now, now that I’ve asked myself if fighting for America would be consistent with Church teaching, I’m not so sure. I’ve been told that America supports Israel because it is the one country in the Middle East that will consistently have the same ideals and policies as America. But now I’m asking myself if those ideals and policies are good to begin with. I don’t think I’d fight for America now. I’d be too troubled, always wondering if I was doing the right thing. If there are enemy troops on American soil, however, I’d be far more likely to fight.