Legion of St. Ambrose and Knights of Columbus

What do we know about the Legion of St. Ambrose and Knights of Columbus? I’m doing some comparisons between our group and a couple of others and just need some sources to read up on (and I’ll be looking into them myself elsewhere (Wikipedia), anyway).

I talk to the LoSA guy sometimes. I can prod him for more info, if necessary, but on the whole, I wouldn’t really focus much on what sets us apart from other orgs, because it will constrain us unnecessarily.

Fair enough. Our initial thought was to list how we differ from similar groups as a means of saying “This is why you should join us”.

This seems to be more FAQ section material, rather than something we’d be put in the meat of the open letter, to be honest. What does the rest of @ausgang think? @Bunyip, @Duke

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Speaking of LoSA, here’s a great thread to display the differences between LoSA (represented by Cole Williams) and mainstream orthodox.
It’s an interesting thread to say the least.


C. Williams appears a little butthurt by the suggestion that both Hitler and Stalin used the Catholics and Orthodox as a means of furthering their agendas.

Yeah. He really fell flat on his face when the discussion shifted to theological differences, clearly weakening his position. You simply don’t say stuff like this and expect people to take you seriously.


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He pretty much fell apart when he was challenged, to be honest. He was asked to reconcile his position with the fact that Hitler literally rounded up men, women, and children into churches and barns and burned them alive for the crime of being anti-Hitler (either by fully practising their faith through denouncing him or by harbouring Jews) and he refused to answer it. I’d go so far as to suggest that his positions are mostly knee-jerk reactions.

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That is a fair observation. There was a lot of “war is hell” and “jewish lies” type of remarks.

Either way, Cole encapsulates the mentality of LoSA (being one of its governing members), and by extension TWP, rather well. From what I’ve heard from him, other members are far worse in terms of syncretism and outright neopaganism. Their organisation seems to rely more on bridging people on the basis of political views, rather than spirituality. It has its upsides and definite downsides.

Cole, if you’re reading this, take no offence. You’re a good lad, but I’d rather take a different approach.


The only justification for having non-Christians in a Christian group with political-goals is if you’re deliberately discussing Christ with these people. Otherwise, there are pagan groups for them, which we can work with.