Motto Explanation

Our motto “Nos Jam Vicimus/We have already won” is designed to tie into such historical/biblical lines as “O death, where is thy victory, o death, where is thy sting” and “If Christ be with us, who can be against us”.

The decision to devise our own motto came from a discussion between the heads of the group. It was decided better for us to devise our own motto since we could then be less worried about possible mistranslations of the Bible verse chosen (or otherwise referenced) as well as giving us a slightly more unique appearance.

The logo and font pre-exist the motto, so the motto was worded to fit into the aesthetic, which, in turn, is based on pre-Schism imagery and aesthetic which often revolved around themes of death but in the sense of death to this world, death to sin.

The use of “Nos” as opposed to “Deus” is designed to remind us that through the Sacrifice of Christ, we who choose to become sons of God have already won. “Jam/Iam” simply means “Already”, but we decided to use it to add emphasis and finality to the verb.

“Vicimus” is the pluperfect form of “Vinco”, meaning “I am winning”, and translates to “We have won”. The pluperfect form of a verb denotes completion of the action, making it the correct form of the verb for our usage since God’s Plan for our Redemption found its completion in Christ’s Death and Resurrection, an historical event.

The motto, taken as a whole, translates to “We have already won” and evokes this idea that although we are still fighting in a spiritual battle we have, through the Sacrifice on Calvary, an assurance of victory. The battle we fight is one for individual souls, especially our own and those of our children, because Christ’s Death and Resurrection opened the Gates of Heaven, which was the only large-scale victory Satan had. Since then, this spiritual battle has been waged for individuals because Satan has now learned that he cannot conquer this world. This world was made by God and His Son is its King, therefore, Satan has to satisfy himself with as many members of it that he can trick away because the King has proven Himself too good and true a ruler for His Faithful to simply leave.