My Chest can stop a bullet

Okay, about 4 or 5 days ago another member and I worked out (chest day) swam and then went to Sauna + Steam room for a combined 40minutes with a break inbetween and quick cool off. Since then I have been showering with freezing cold water as well and I have never felt better.

I know the Sauna/Steam room is certainly a large part of it but also i could be hitting the anabolic lifter window for the creatine as well. Regardless I think i have confirmed tbe cold shower theory is not a meme when supported by sauna time. Also all of Lent I am taking cold showers.
I have never felt better physically in the last 3 years, the weight i push in some excersises has almost doubled this week like leg curls, calf raises, extensions etc…

Highly recommend it.