Ok guys hear me out, in Italy the regions with most immigrants (legal immigrants not human trafficked military aged men that wash up in Lampedusa and Sicily) are Lombary,Lazio, and Emiglia-Romagna statistically the people all live in the large metropolitan cities. These are also the areas a tactical nuclear strike would happen, or heavy ICBM bombardment from Russia…

Their numbers would almost immediately go from 9% of population to 1-2%.
(One thing to remember is Italian government does not accurately track these statistics in comparions to nations in North America, Canad and USA are over 20% non-native population)
No I don’t want to get Nuclear striked, but … its a thought.

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I was never really afraid of all out nuclear war for this reason and many others. The nuclear disasters so far have been very lackluster and for all the testing of nuclear explosions, nothing too bad has happened.

Imo, what will get them is city life, lowering population trends and the ongoing logistical collapse and ensuing crime rate. Large nigger infested cities are already post apocalyptic hellscapes, it’s just happening in slo mo