Observable miracles

So I’ve recently read small book on the shroud of Turin and I recently rediscovered St. Galganos sword in the stone, and I was wondering if anyone can point me to any more of these types of relics where “science” loses its ability to explain what’s going on?

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I remember reading somewhere about a bleeding Host (if I remember correctly). I don’t remember the ins and outs of it, but during Adoration or Mass, the Host started bleeding.

At a lower level, apparently Death Valley shows evidence of having been flooded around the same time as God sent the Flood that covered the whole earth.

The statue of Akita. A solid, non-porous, single block wood statue made by some non-christian japanese that shed blood for a long time, and was recorded while doing so. These events accompanied the alleged apparition of Mary to a nun who regained sight (I think it was sight). The message was a warning to humanity.

I also looked into the Virgin of Guadalupe picture, but the miraclous claims surrounding it are just false: there is nothing in the eyes, and the material used for it is actually quite resistant.

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Let us not forget based Carlo Acutis who chronicled as many eucharistic miracles from around the world while suffering from leukemia. Sadly he died aged 15, but his body has been found incorrupt and been declared venerable. I think these two things are connected and a miracle in themselves.

Here’s his list if you’re interested dudes


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