On Social Media

Please watch this video:

It’s really fascinating and I would like not only to hear your opinions on it, but also to discuss related observations arising from this interview.


This is honestly probably the most interesting interviews I’ve seen all year. I don’t think that theres anything ‘new’ here to me, as it were, but there is something about dispersed pieces of knowledge coming together in this manner that throws a whole new light on it, and vitalizes the knowledge to help one form new perspectives and give one new convictions and insights.

Concerning what he’s saying about how networking social medias are designed to be degenerative, quality-wise, I kinda got a new motivation to try to get this forum going. What he is saying about how more moderated sites have higher quality and constructive value, it’s almost dreamy to imagine what this forum could be one day.

As for his observation that homosexuality, transgenderism and what-not is more a result of stagnating social skills due to social media, I find it to be almost white-pilling in the sense that it is not just the moral decline of the west, but that it has been designed, but black-pilling that it is… well… designed. Point is that even though it is hard to overcome conditioning, it’s probably still easier to overcome conditioning than biological realities (as one might be inclined to believe that the queerification of men is, considering the damning Mouse Utopia experiments. It is easier to defeat man than nature itself, I reckon.

If it hadn’t been that I am forced to use facebook for job and school, I would’ve deleted it after having watched this.

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@Bunyip, this interview may interest you.