Our Judges: The Coming Dark Age and The Historical Precedent of Strong Holy Men – Part I

War, diseases of plenty, sexual vice, and infanticide. Today’s attentive Christian might be forgiven if they believe these abominations are unique to our day and age. However while the scale and mass exposure might be eminently novel compared to ages past, such degeneracy is not restricted to our epoch, but rather are signs of an impending dark age in which we having been given over to our passions, we will eat, drink and partake in orgy’s until we are fat, poisoned and suffocate in the quivering mass of bodies that surrounds us like a hideous amoeba feasting upon itself. We sons of Adam have an awfully difficult time maintaining a holy society for more than a generation; be it a modern constitutional democratic republic or an ancient kingdom we seem to always put ourselves in an unworkable jam in one fashion or another. Sometimes God judges a nation and casts it into hellfire, its smoldering embers used to fashion newer, smaller and (initially) weaker nations.

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