Perspectives of the New Youth

Before I became a Traditionalist, I used to be a Republican-style conservative. During that time I wrote articles for various conservative groups and it was something that I’ve been wanting to go back to for a long time now but with what I would consider a much more informed perspective. This perspective, of the very type that build this forum, has the potential to be a superseding force in American politics and this small blog that I’ve established is what I would consider my first step in helping to establish some awareness of it.
My goal is simple: To have a place, gradually improving place I would endeavor, to showcase what we believe about our Faith and our understanding of life. I called it the Perspectives of the New Youth because that is what I would consider most of us, even those into their 30s, because there is a massive generation gap of power that currently exists the likes of which I don’t think has been seen in history. And I believe that the closest we get to bridging that gap the closest it will get to a point where our destinies can become manifest.

If anyone knows any way I can upgrade this operation or if you would to contribute in some way to it please feel free to let me know. Feedback is much appreciated.


I like it. Your writing style is professional, and you bring up solid points. I know people didn’t like Catholics here in the States, but I didn’t know how far it had gone in the past. Also make me rethink the entire Mexican-American War, and makes me suddenly realize how little I know about it…:thinking:

I could contribute, if you like. My strong point is literature. I could read a modern book that’s heralded as a great, and explain whether or not it’s really all that great from a Christian perspective. I’d also be able to provide the Eastern Catholic perspective.

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Catholics have been outsiders in American from the beginning, but will likely have an incredibly important role in the coming decades of this country’s history.
If you have any work feel free to share it, I’m still discerning the best focus for the page but I’ll be putting up anything from the Apostolic youth that people that helps people understand who we are :smiley: