Pints With Aquinas (Podcast by Matt Fradd)

Does anyone else here listen to “Pints With Aquinas”? The latest episode is on God’s Nature as we can know and understand it and it’s fascinating.
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Fr. Gregory Pine joins Matt Fradd to discuss the Nature of God and how we can understand It. Their discussion takes us through the 3 “omnis” (omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence), what they are, how we might understand them, and what common objections there are to them. They also debunk arguments and a non-sequitur raised by R. Dawkins in the first place and R. Gervais in the second.

I’d love to see your thoughts on the matter, whether or not you agree, how you explain these to friends or yourself, and whether you’ve read any really good explanations and where.

Had a listen. The format was good and there was a focus on making things easy to understand, though it is not precisely something that can be really listened while playing videogames and being a non-native english speaker, so I will have to give it another listen probably.

This is of course a topic where all fedoras show how immensely retarded they are, and the “arguments” always are pure cringe, so at the very least there is always a good intellectual beating.

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I’m especially interested in the analogies that are drawn to help understand these concepts. I don’t want to influence anyone’s decision, hence the lack of detail to start off with, but the explanation of God’s omnipresence is very interesting to me and I’m not sure I fully agree with what they’re saying.

The rebuttals they provide are very good, I may have to read some of Dawkins’ stuff for myself at some point, but at this stage, I felt that they provided his argument fully enough for their rebuttal to work.