Possible changes in the Norwegian abortion laws

TL;DR this is a prayer request for Norway to change its abortion laws.

The current Norwegian government isn’t entirely stable. Since the election last year there has been tensions within the government coalition, and the possibility of a leftist takeover is lingering. The current government is led by the liberal-conservative Right party, the social-liberal Left party, and the liberal Progress Party. Note here that I mean liberal in the European sense, as in capitalist and small-government, not in the American sense of the word. Despite what you might think coming from an American background, the Progress Party is the most right wing of the parliamentary parties in Norway, being pro-oil, strict migration, and most small-government party we have. Right is a run-of-the-mill European conservative party, and Left are basically pro-capitalism SJWs.

However, this is a minority government. Besides the internal conflicts between the SJW Left and the more “based” PP in regards to LGBT-rights, immigration, environmentalism, etc, there is the possibility of the left-wing coalition to gather enough support from the centrist parties to form their own coalition, and toppling the current one. This is where the current possibility for reform comes in: to get the centrist Christian Peoples Party to join the right-leaning coalition and ensuring a parliamentary majority for the right.

Back in September the leader for the CPP, Knut Arild Hareide, made a surprise move by publishing a previously unannounced auto-biography where he wrote that he had left-wing sympathies, despite the CPPs historically having sided with the right. At the National Congress of the CPP Hareide made a speech in which he spoke about the values of the party: family, human-rights, government assistance for those in need, etc. This speech was widely applauded, and most party members agreed with his message. However, the controversy came when he ended his speech concluding that the CPPs values were more in-line with a leftist government, rather than a right-wing one.

This tore the party in two, between those who agreed with him, preferring aligning the party with the left, and those who wanted the party to side with the right. Without going into too much detail, the party has had a turbulent couple of months, seeing an exodus of party members, and grassroots support for the party waining.

Following this the Norwegian Prime Minister, and leader of the Right party, Erna Solberg, said that she would be willing to change the abortion laws, a central cause for the CPP, if they were willing to enter into government coalition with the current L-R-PP coalition. This was troublesome for many members of the CPP, as one of their election promises last year was to not enter into coalition with the PP, due to the CPP believing that the PP doesn’t take human rights seriously enough (as in not supporting enough government assistance programs). The CPP had a party-vote regarding this, and with a slight margin, the party decided to bail on their election promise not to enter into coalition with the PP, and has now opened up for talks about entering the government coalition, and changes to the abortion law, specifically not including Downs syndrome as a legitimate reason for having an abortion after week 12 of pregnancy, and removing the “right” to twin abortions, as in killing only the one twin by injecting it with acid (progress ammarite?).

The talks haven’t started formally yet, but Trine Skei Grande, leader for the Left party, and several member of both Right and PP have said that they will not get behind any changes to the current abortion laws.

My friends, I beg of you all to keep Norway in your prayers the coming weeks. While all of us here would surely prefer to see far more drastic changes is all aspects of society and state, this is a small step in the right direction for society. Honestly, it looks bleak. When even these small whispers of reaction against atheistic progressivism has the feminists marching in almost every city and town in Norway to protect their right to sacrifice their children on the altar of Mammon, and most major politicians stating that they will oppose such a change, it honestly doesn’t look good, but I do believe that there is a chance for change. If we’re being real, power trumps ideology every time, and the current government coalition needs the CPPs support in order to guarantee their stay in power. My plea to you all is to pray that the CPP will be strong in it’s negotiations so that atleast a smidge of the abortionist barbarism can be stopped in otherwise desolate Norway.

For if God is with us, who can then be against us?
Pray for us, brothers.


Any update on this?

The CPP has spent the time since I wrote this in unformal conversation with the other parties, and has mostly spent its time sorting out the internal affairs surrounding this, and it seems that it has gone pretty well for them. The number of party-members has in total increased from 25’000 to 26’000 compared late 2017, and their support amongst the people on its way back to where it usually is. Without getting to much into the technicalities of the Norwegian political system if a party receives more than 4% of the vote they are boosted in the number of seats they get to sit on in the parliament, and the CPP has just somewhat struggled to stay above it the past years, and many thought it was the political death of the party when I wrote the original post due to them being below the 4% mark, but today there are some polls marking the party to be above the 4% threshold, which is good news.

But overall the situation has stabilized. Both internally for the CPP, and the L-R-PP coalition cooling down and being more open for the inclusion of bringing the CPP into the coalition. One thing that has happened that I find amusing is that now even the far left parties are chearing on the CPP to enter the coalition in order to get some more support for some of the more left-wing policies for the CPP regarding climate and poverty. I can’t remember the last time I heard about politicians on one of the political flanks chearing on the centrists to enter into government coalition with the other flank, but it makes sense for the causes they champion, I suppose.

But regarding the abortion question there still isn’t any certainty. While the CPP has said that it is one of their most important issues, they’ve stated that they do not have any ultimatums in their discussions of joining the government coalition. The formal discussion will begin after New Years, most likely. Prayers are still very much needed.