Prayers for a new job

Evening all,

Since finishing my study at Campion College last year I have been unable to get any employment and I also haven’t heard back from the place where I have applied for a Certificate II in Electrotechnology pre-apprenticeship (which is a prerequisite to my getting an apprenticeship in the electrical trade industry).

Could I ask you all to pray for me that I can get a job and/or a pre-app, maybe even both?

Thank you in advance,

God bless.


How did it work out, fam?

Still hasn’t yet, but I’ve an interview at McDonald’s today (I need money quite desperately now) and I’ll be applying for a pre-app afterwards.

What’s a pre-app?

A pre-apprenticeship. A prerequisite to getting a trade apprenticeship in Australia. They basically teach you the stuff that needlessly lengthened your apprenticeship.

Nice. I think one of my useless weeb friends signed up for that as well. He’s becoming a mechanic now.

I’m looking at the electrician field. Apart from that, casual work at Maccas (or some such place) will help keep me from becoming a lazy fuck, and physical laziness has an adverse affect on one’s spiritual life.

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As a general update, my local McDonald’s store has hired me (I should be getting a training shift in the coming weeks) and I’m down for an electrical pre-app waiting list, with the pre-app starting in August. There is no guarantee that I’ll get into the pre-app (although I would like to), but that’s owing to the size of the TAFE offering it more than anything else.

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Evening all! Prayers please for a new job, an electrical apprenticeship, or both. A bit more of an idea about me: I want a trade skill for security, I plan to enter a seminary (if I don’t have an apprenticeship by the end of the year (maybe sooner) I might try for the seminary regardless), and I’m open to the idea of the military (I could conceivably go for both from this route) although they have previously knocked me back.


Godspeed, may Divine Providence find you well.

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Seems like you are at quite the crossroad. Will pray!

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Is there some kind of established way to enter into an apprenticeship?

For Australia, it’s pretty much “Do the pre-app and start throwing your name around”. If you’ve got tradie mates, they can help network, but it’s been fairly quiet for the last couple of years for electricians and now we’ve got the coronavirus lockdown screwing people out of hearth and home.

You didn’t get the pre-app in the end?

No, I did get that, but I haven’t been able to get an apprenticeship since then.

Ah. good that at least you got tha step done. It seems strange that getting the apprenticeship is so hard, though I guess there are not many people who can offer it.

Apparently not. There are a fair few people asking for 2nd years, especially ones with solar experience, but there aren’t so many looking for first years and those that are are knocking me back.

Ah yes. The old circular issue with needing experience for an entry level job. One would think apprenticeships didn’t have those problems.

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