Re; The Standing Orders

Regarding the Standing Orders that have been posted, can I clarify my understanding of the different tiers of organisation: mannerbund, Community Response Group, and Chapter?

If I understand correctly, the smallest unit, the mannerbund, is about formation - gathering enough people to help each other in actualisation: activities in the mannerbund are about self-improvement for all the member legionaries.

The next unit, the Community Response Group, is the first level where activism takes place. Activities at this level are centered around participating and assisting in already-existing community groups or coordinating to participate in already existing activist movements like pro-life marches. Whereas the mannerbund is inward in its emphasis, the Community Response Group is outward.

The Chapters function as a fraternity for the legionaries in the local mannerbunds and CRGs, supporting each other in reaching positions of power within the local church communities. Parish-level activism begins at this level as detailed in Section III, as well as supporting members to climb to positions of influence within the diocese, local government, schools and sporting clubs.

Is all that correct? I have several friends who are already interested in this. And we could probably get a mannerbund going as there’s four of us and we already know at least another six people who would join something like this.

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Work within the Parish to restore it can begin at whichever level, but we would envision it at as part of the CRG’s work since there is no more crucial element to a community than its parish. Other than that, spot on.

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