Sam Shamoun videos

I have recently been viewing apologetic videos/streams by Sam Shamoun. In case you don’t know him, he is a brutal apologist who focuses on the defense of the Trinity. He has an incredible memory. He as in the past a hardcore murican prot, but has abandoned those beliefs, and while a protestant he has grown to love the traditions of the churches, and many of their doctrines, which he now defends better than most.

Lately he has been doing many streams with debates against people who try tochallenge him, and they are rather a slaughter. The latest ones involve many anti-trinitarians who call themselves christians, jehova’s witnesses, muslims, and recently a jew.

He is overall a machine of rage when it comes to defending christian doctrine against heresies. The channel

The video with the jew as example:


Thanks for the heads-up, Mozal, I’ll subscribe and watch a couple of videos (when I can)!

Nice. Keep in mind that all the arguments that he uses are quite tested in many debates, so they should be more or less the best of the best.