Secular states and civil unions

Saw this question in the facebook group and figured that it is an interesting enough question that it might be able to gather some more indepth responses here than what it might be able to gather at the zuccs place:

Obviously, we are against same-sex marriage strictly within the Church.
Are we to be completely strict on the definition of marriage within a state as well? Are civil unions and same-sex state marriage also just as bad, and should we never support it?

To what degree do we as Christians have a duty to interfere with what a secular state allows under its jurisdiction?

Homosexuality is a mental illness and should never be promoted anywhere. The family unit is the very foundation of a society, and sexual immorality always seeks to destroy it. If you let it prosper, society will slowly degenerate, and then finally die out.

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Also, it is the duty of any state to honor God both through law and culture. That which displeases God almighty can never be allowed under any circumstances. Life is a gift, one for which we must show deepfelt gratitude and reverence

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