So does this confirm Pope Francis is a mason?

Very serious issue I think he is with all the things he has said and done and who he has associated with.

It confirms nothing other than His Holiness’ personal feelings have an effect on his theological decision making processes. The allowing or disallowing of the death penalty is not something that will impact either your ability or my ability to get to Heaven.
Whether it is a wise move or not is another question, but as it is not a question of His Holiness changing dogma, this change in wording for the death penalty in no way invalidates his papacy.
As for whether or not he is a mason, that is not a thing which can be proven by this action, and before you ask, no, not everyone you dislike is thereby rendered masonic, some people are unlikable on their own merit.



The best quick summary of this Papacy is “The Dictator Pope” by Henry Sire under the nomme de guerre “Marcantonio Colonna.” The key takeaway point is that he is a Peronist. He plays both camps whilst moving the Church in a slightly more “left of field” direction.

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