Something the jedi won't tell you

I was talking to a pretty degenerate colleague of mine a few weeks ago, and he told me something which kinda gave me an idea.
He’s seeing some thot for casual sex atm, and as he was talking to her on the phone one day whilst aroused, he told me, that he heard a baby crying which turned him off immediately.

So I got this strange idea: what if, whenever tempted sexually, we just play sounds of babies crying from YouTube?
I read that it’s a sound that we naturally find stressful, and that it’s basically impossible to ignore, so if there are some guys out there struggling with lust, then it might just be an odd but helpful tool.

Inb4 literally Pilrose


That’s a really good idea. I play chants and prayers. (If I can)


Why did he hear a baby crying? Is he seeing a single mother?

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He was, but only for sex, unfortunately. He doesn’t see her anymore because he doesn’t want to be married to a woman who already has kids, even though he’s 35, doesn’t have a nice job yet and is out of options.
He tries to tell me that I should wait as well before getting married, because I have to “live life first”. Not gonna happen tho lmao


What a loser lmao. Guys have a wall too, not just women at 30. Especially if you’re unemployed or poor.

Good idea, nonetheless

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