The Educational System in the U.S

Maybe this has already been discussed on this forum several times. If so sorry I’m late to the party. But in light of recent events in the U.S from Texas to Virginia, I think now might be a good time to consider the nature of our circumstances once again.

Has anyone heard of Texas State House Bill 2022? What are your thoughts on it? Is it any attempt to counteract CRT? Is that a realistic solution or just the birth of another problem? How do we counteract the introduction of radicalized political elements in K-12 public school classrooms? Are some topics just always going to be politically polarized in the U.S?

Give me the thoughts you have.

I think it would be considerate of you to bring everyone up to speed with the events, since most of us aren’t American.

One of the key issues of the the state elections in Virginia was Critical Race Theory (le ebil wipipo) in public primary school curiculums. The Hitler GOP candidate won on a platform of “whitey not bad” and its literally anodda shoah because they can’t institutionalize teaching white children to hate themselves.

The Texas state bill proposes similarily banning CRT in public schools and additionally banning corporate “racial sensitivity training” programs.

The passing of these bills would set legal presidence in the US for banning CRT and other neo-marxist, anti white bs. Critics call it “neo-McCarthyism” while proponents called it “based”.

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