The Jews by Hilaire Belloc (1922)


The Jews

By : Hilaire Belloc

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It is a fair and unbiased analysis of the Jewish question, which leads to a clearly understanding of both sides. The Jews, citizens of all nations, yet seemingly loyal to none; and the nations, wary of those who call themselves Jews, thus leading to Jews hiding their identity and purposes simply to be left in peace, though this isn't always to the benefit of their host nation.

Belloc outlines three possible solutions that nations might take:
Extermination (which he holds to be the most inhumane and least effective solution),
Deportation (which, though effective for a time, is still inhumane since many of the Jews are natural born citizens of their respective nations and have the right to remain),
Integration (which he holds as impossible due to the fact that the Jews have lived in Europe and the Middle East for two thousand years without converting to Christianity or Islam, and with the habit of constantly moving and the annoyance of their host nation.

In the end Belloc, acknowledges the uniqueness of the Jews in their inability to be tightened to any single nation. Yet, this uniqueness is overshadowed by the recent creation of the Jewish state of Israel, its deportation of the native population, and the protected status given it by the British Empire. He goes on to say that the Jews will eventually have to come to a decision of whether to remain an ever moving people or band together as a race in order to hold on to Israel without the aid(or soldiers) of foreign nations. Till then, Israel will remain a burden to the West, and but a candle of the Jewish nation it could have been.

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