The Vindication of the SBC Churches

How does mainstream media report the facts, yet remain fake news? The recent sex abuse scandal broke by the fourth estate against the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) is a prime example. It's yet another sexual misconduct scandal against the men of God. They make sensational and provocative headlines. The stories are likely factually true. There are many articles covering the story, just one of them is linked here.

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Great article as always. Always funny to watch how people go quiet once you start drawing comparisons.

Also, weird off-topic question, but I never understood why incest gets thrown into the same category as rape in the US. Isn’t it consensual?

It’s illegal under statute, that’s why.

Great post, there is a general misrepresentation at play. In fairness though, the report was focued on Texas and did not claim to represent the number of cases across the convention. It was performed by the Houston and San Antonio papers.

Even localized, this statistically should not cause parents to mistrust southern baptist (or any) churches more than public schools. Parents should still be insisting on high transparency and churches should have safe practices, most of which already do.

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Fair enough, although it can be argued that there’s not a big enough cultural difference between Texas or any other (southern) state to warrant a separate investigation.