To those entering manufacturing

I’ve been in the fabrication for a little over 4 years now and these are some of the most important things I’ve learned:

  1. There is a lot of people with either a crab mentality.
  2. Always be candid and do not hide mistakes
  3. Buy your own tools.
  4. Find a buddy.
  5. Ask a lot of questions and take notes.

So there is a couple of times where I’ve naturally just got along with my boss and there are times when my boss and I just did speak to each other. There is a lot of people that will be threatened if are naturally talented or have a good relationship with the boss so they will do their best to drag your reputation down with the entire shop or other managers, they have a crab mentality because they will try to drag people down.

Honestly is always the best policy as we know. It is humbling to have to admit failures and the boss maybe upset but don’t let it beat you up.

Most of the shops I have worked at most tools were provided but if they were damaged were not replaced. It is more expensive but better to just bring your own tools in and keep them locked in your tool box.

  1. Find a buddy, having someone to joke around with makes the day go by faster and it protects you from crab people

  2. Buy a moleskin and a pack of pens. Ask all the questions under the sun and write down the answers. One it shows you genuinely want to learn and can be independent. Bosses want people who are fully self sufficient.

Any secret tech tools for esoteric fabrication or fancy tricks?

If I have away my secrets then I wouldn’t be paid as much as I am nor have as much job security. I will say find custom fab shops and learn there. Do not say at one place more than 3 years. The more different people you learn from the better