Whatever happened to The Counter Revolution?

It’s been years since I’ve been here (I’ve been here since the ye old days of /rel/). I remember back in 2015-16 when these guys were huge among trad communities on the internet. Then they just vanished out of nowhere. What happened to The Counter Revolution?

Problem with counter revolutionary thinking is that all traditional politics are intergenerational politics, and thats hard to sell in our world. I think THE Counter Revolution org was a college group which kinda fizzled out when the founding members were done with their studies, and they didn’t manage to grow the org enough to inspire someone to carry on the torch. That, and I think that the traddies of 2016 either became wignats or faggots over time.

Far as I know, the organisation fractured when its leader decided to convert to Orthodoxy, which I can assume didn’t sit well with the rest of the leadership. He then proceeded to crash the website and faceberg page with no survivors. And it seems that he has deleted his facebook account.

The rest of the leadership initially attempted to salvage the organisation, but it seemed to have fizzled out. I was in contact with them for a while in an attempt to scoop them up, but they weren’t all that interested. Could be that Orthodoxy had left a sour taste in their mouth or could’ve been just plain old pride.

Apparently there’s a vestige that still carries on. Although I am not sure how active they are.

Website: http://leagueofchrist.org
Facebook: Redirecting...

They seem to have a few “chapters” here and there in the eastern part of the US, but judging by the activity of their faceberg page and the apparent lack of any other channels of communication, I’d say they still remain as a more formalised version of a circle of friends.