Where to start for Christian career


About to graduate from Uni with a degree in Organizational Communication. Not sure where to go to start a career where I’m not surrounded by degeneracy and greed. Where should I go?

Maybe start a business?

Im in the South East U.S. by the way, Georgia born and bred.


Unless you have a rock solid business plan you’ll have to put up with the world. I suggest finding a company to work for initially and then hitting it out on your own eventually.
Even i work with edgelords and degenerates. You will never be able to isolate yourself from sin. All you can do is protect yourself against it better.


Well, as Christians I’m not entirely sure that we do careers in that sense. If you want to be a Christian in that sense, you’d do better if you were to find somewhere degenerate to be, and do what you can to be the light in the darkness for that space.


I work for a large electronics company. Considerably, a very hedonistic company, openly proud, etc.

Luckily, their vast resources allows for pockets of wholesomeness. I routinely have them match donations and volunteer time to my church and pro-life orgs. Best bet is to try and focus on the likeminded coworkers and not worry about the assholes at the top.

You’ll find degenerates in every corporation. If you absolutely think you can’t stand it, a blue collar job may be best where your boss is Beer-drinkin’ Billy and he gives no fucks.

Working for the church is no exception. Beaurocracy everywhere.


Have you considered using your gifts at a good classical Christian school, to support spiritually and academically sound education for Christian families? I teach Latin at a classical Christian school, and I hope this kind of schooling will become the standard for Christian families across the country, and God willing around the world.


I’ve studied Latin, Italian, and Japanese in University, so perhaps I can use those language skills there.


Even if you don’t teach at a classical Christian school, I think there are ways in which you can use the skills you developed in organizational communication to help a school run better, and this would be a boon to the life of the Church.


If you can get fit, the military can be relatively strong ground.

The pay will never be high though.


Find the best job you can possibly get, work and get money. You’ll have to interact with the world no matter where you are at, how you present yourself is how you represent the Church. I got some coworker friends who would be considered degenerate, but I try and be an example to them as best as I hardly can. Save what you can for your family and independence