Which way, Western man?

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Tfw no 2D cathbol waifu

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I don’t get this picture, honestly. I’ll go for a wife who loves God and works hard. Doesn’t matter if she’s white or black or Asian or what. I’m not intent on racial purity.


Too bad.

Too bad? What is so good about racial purity? I’ll admit that with racial purity, it’s easier to maintain cultural purity. But other than that, I see no reason why we should place such an emphasis on it.

You’re not fond of your culture?

Unfortunately, I live in the US. If there’s any particular culture here, it’s materialist and highly secular, which I wouldn’t like anyway. In some spots, you have ethnic communities that have an actual culture. If I lived in one of those ethnic communities (which I wouldn’t fit in anyway, because I’m too much of a mix from all over Europe), I would want to hang on to that culture. However, since most people around me are advocates of a seriously degenerate culture, I see culture as something that can be shaped by people. I’ll admit it’s easier for people with common backgrounds to shape a lasting culture; but I think it would be possible that if I married a woman of, say, African descent, we could give at least our family some semblance of culture, a mix that takes the best of both cultures. If you want to preserve a specific culture, than yes, marry someone of your own ethnicity. If you are willing to let culture develop, it doesn’t matter as much. You can control a culture’s development, if you’re careful.

Ask Spaniards when they went to south America

tl;dr you’re a faggot

Well, if you aren’t even going to give me a chance to explain myself, then I won’t bother trying again. However, I will give the whole topic some more thought. Would a real faggot even do that much?

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