“Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister”


Any fans of Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn’s classic series?
Which is your favourite episode and whom your favourite character?

More importantly, can we discuss the relevance of many of the stories with modern day government/politics?


I’ve never heard of it but I’m going to look into it.


Haven’t seen that one, but I’m assuming that it’s down the same isle as Allo allo and Faulty Towers, so I’ll check it out.


It’s a British sitcom about how the government is actually run and is a brilliant mix of satire and social commentary. Some of the events in various episodes have lost their meaning over the years, but very few of them because of the way Jay and Lynn used fictitious characters (the three main characters are Jim Hacker, Sir Humphrey Appleby, and Bernard Wooley) or completely invisible, nameless characters (the PM throughout “Yes Minister” remains completely obscure and becomes “Your Predecessor” in “Yes Prime Minister”). Further, the events, places, and corporations/et al. become renamed or unnamed, and it all becomes timeless as a result.