Younger Dryias impact theory

Has anyone autismed on the younger dryias civilization? Listening to some guy on Rogans podcast (JRE #1897) talking about how there is increasing amount of evidence for a worldwide flood and massive meteor impacts wiping out ‘advanced’ civilization 12500 years ago, and that ancient civilization might’ve gone as far back as 100’000 years for all we know. He also talks about how most-all civilizations not only has the great flood as a oart if their ‘mythology’, but also giants building pyramids just around flood is another universal story which is also present in the bible with nephilims and the tower of Babel.

without looking too much into it it does sound like a better historical explaination for the biblical flood than the more commonly held belief that its about the local flooding of the black sea. That and the evidence for thousands of Tunguska-like events all across the globe in this period neatly explains how Sodom was destroyed.

The question is wether or not this should be considered evidence of the bibles telling of ancient history or a subversion of it. Personally I don’t see why it should be considered subversive instead of showing that the bibles retelling of history is, and has always been, true. However, I can easily imagine someone saying that explaining biblical events with le heckin science takes away from Gods power or something (which many flat earthers claim is the point of the globe ‘model’).

Desire to know more intensifies

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I haven’t autismed on it entirely, but one thing to remember is a vast portion of the mainstream evidence for this is from carbon dating of geological findings. A lot of it makes a good amount of sense to me like erosion timeline estimations BUT carbon dating in itself is not entirely accurate nor the “be all end all.” So one thing we need to remember is the correlation of these dates to the biblical dates given, now that would be worth some autisming.

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