So what do people think about aliens? Are they real, and if so, are they meaningful evidence against the exsistence of God?

I ask because some of the kids (11-13 year olds) in my scouting group started to talk to me about faith and Gods existence, and most of them were predictably brainwashed by the school system to dismiss God and creation because of the Big Bang and evolution and what not. However after having talked with them about for a while they did understand the flaws of the materialistic creation myth, and having them atleast entertain the fulness of Christianity, one of them said “Well, I still don’t believe in God because if God was real there wouldn’t be aliens”. The rest concluded that he was right and proceeded to “ayy lmao” their way out of the conversation.

Now, debating theology with 12 year olds can only get so serious, but if we were to consider the exsistence of extraterrestrial life, what would that mean for our idea of God, if anyhthing?

Now personally, I don’t think it would mean much. If there is life elsewhere in the Universe, then it was also created by God, and is ours to use, domesticate, or defend ourselves from, just like any other creature we know. However, I can somewhat understand that ETs might shake the faiths of some, much like how the “discovery” of evolution broke the faith (or simply proved the lack therof) of others.

Any thoughts? Have we been BTFO’d by the ayys?

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If aliens do exist, then it is only reasonable to suppose that God created them.

The concept of an alien as being a strange, green, bulbous-headed humanoid from Mars is quite a recent thing, in many respects, but the concept of an alien as a being from another planet has been considered for some time.

I believe C.S. Lewis considered the idea and concluded that if there were aliens, then they would have a concept of God and be able to get to Heaven.

In all honesty, and similarly to flat vs. round Earth, I don’t care all that much, my main focus needs to be on getting me to Heaven.

As for the 11-13 year-olds, they are not so widely read nowadays as they used to be, but the method of argument to them should follow a very simple form of the Socratic method: you ask them if the aliens are as smart or smarter than us and when they inevitably say “smarter” you reply “then they would know that there is a God since there being a God is the most reasonable conclusion” and if they then change tack to “Okay, they’re not as smart as us”, then you reply “then they are no more than the apes, cats, and dogs that inhabit this Earth”.

Young pre-teens are more likely to accept that than neckbeard edgelords who are so committed to the lies they peddle that they can no longer afford to accept the truth.

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I think I was taught that if an alien species had the will of a human and similar minds then they could be proselytized to. Does this mean there really can be a space pope someday?

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A space-Pope can only be an improvement at this point, surely?

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Space catholicism sounds pretty good tbh


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